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tv   9 News Now Sunday at 630pm  CBS  June 24, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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hello everybody, i'm bruce johnson. we begin in queen anne's county where firefighters have been battling a massive brush fire that has been raging. it is on kent island. matt jablo has the latest. >> reporter: the fire started at about 8:00 this morning in a very heavily area. joining me right now is the department of emergency services. thank you for joining us on a very busy day. tell me, how is the fire? is it contained at this point? >> yes. a pretty large fire. we believe we have it about 90% contained at this point and all the companies from the queen anne's company from at least seven different counties. and they will be here assisting us. lots of agencies are working
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together in a unified area to get it under control. we also have the resources here. we're making progress. it is slow progress, but we're making progress. >> reporter: what happened as far as you know? >> there is a call around 6:00 for the smoke investigation. they got here, taking them a long time. this is so heavily watered here. it is probably the largest track of the land left on kent island and in the all natural wooded states. >> reporter: has anybody been hurt? >> reporter: the homes, no? we have set up the perimeters, all homes were protected at this point. we're satisfied we won't have a spread to any home. we do have one firefighter that was transported to the local hospital that i do not know the extent of his injury at this point. >> how much longer do you expect it to happen here? >> demobilizing some of the units within the next two to three hours. maybe by morning have it
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wrapped up. >> we have the water drops coming in by helicopter. how much longer do you think that will continue? >> we're hoping to use it until we get the fire extinguished. >> thank you very much. good luck for the rest of the day and continue to go well putting out the fire. >> crews -- bruce, back to you in the studios. >> okay. no injuries. most of the fire has been contained. >> they are still klineing up from friday's storms. the area along the valley drive in maryland was hit hard on friday. they spent the day clearing up the debris from falling tree limbs. some are still without power tonight. >> and that was dark and gray and it swept between my house and the house mind us. and shortly after that, i actually saw a limb land on my car. and it is about a 30-foot limb
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that competely blew out the maximum, danieling the front window and we have the inspector coming here to look at it on tuesday. >> okay, joining us in the studios is tom graham, the region president. let me does you this, what's the situation out this? >> i cannot say, but on friday we started with about 40,000 customers out of service. and the majority of those are in prince george's county, a little over 300. in the district of columbia, there are about 135 customers out of service. >> nearly9% of the people have the electricity restored? >> yes. >> the reason that those who lost power lost power because of what? >> trees. they are very easy to explain. i spent a hot of time on the field over the last couple of
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days. it was hard hit. i was there yesterday. i would also say in northeast d.c. they spent some time yesterday and today over newton street. i met a customer, mr. allen, very pleased with the progress we made out there. but those are the areas hardest hit. >> okay, it's out of the question. is that right? >> the cost is maybe anywhere between $1 to $3 million per mile. so there have been a couple studies done with respect to undergrounding the district. >> so we're not going to do it? >> the tree cutting solution is a problem at this time. what percent of the trees had to be cut and trimmed back? >> we have a five-year plan. making the infrastructure about $910 million. tree trimming is part of that. trimming 3,000 right now. we have replaced several hundred miles. and we're doing a lot of other
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infrastructure improvements. >> how many more trees do you need to cut? >> there is no goal to cut a certain number of trees, but we'll be working on this plant for five years. >> people complain about the tree trimming. they have no say. some of the trees look horrible. first of all, they have the experience or are they trying to get the trees off the wire? >> yes, they have absolutely experienced that. they also have permits that have been required. there is a new rule making number 43, which requires a 7- day notification not to exceed 320 days. there is tree removal that requires also the permission from the homeowners. >> are you opposed to the homeowners as to how it goes down? >> we have some concerns about the legislation. and actually, you know, there were a number of the parties that were opposed to it. as bill was pulled back, it will be he herd on july 10. but that would, you know,
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considerably slow down the progress and there is already the regulations here. in my opinion, it is not necessary. >> okay, you are talking about the legislation. tom, thanks a lot for coming. >> sure, my pleasure. >> you have to come back to work? >> yes. >> okay. seven people hurt in a brawl involving more than 100 people. it broke out at the local restaurant, happening around 1:30 this morning at the new red rock cafe at the festival shopping center in gaithersburg. montgomery county and the city police were all called to the restaurant for a report of the fight that broke out during the rat karaoke event, what is that? one person shot, six others stabbed. >> and the red rock cafe, they had extensively advertised the special karaoke night which attracted the individuals throughout the metropolitan area. and we believe from what we know at this stage of the investigation that the fight
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began inside the cafe. between the female patrons. the male patrons, they joined in, the fight escalated, moved out to the parking lot. >> and they say that none of the injuries were life threatening. so far, no one arrested. montgomery county police are asking anyone about the brawl, to contact them. and callers could choose to remain anonymous. >> the prince george's county firefighter was injured while fighting the house fire in mt. rainier. it started around 3:00 this morning and in the empty two- story house on 32nd street. the firefighters battled the flames from the outside. one firefighter suffered minor injuries. he was taken to the washington hospital center where he was treated and released. the cause of the fire under investigation tonight. an update on the story we first told you about back in february. fair banks county police, they have now charged the director of the reston zoo with the animal cruelty and possession of the controlled substance. the 64-year-old was arrested on friday after the 5-month
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investigation by police into the death of the sick wallabee at the zoo. we'll have the latest on the controversy down in charlottesville. another warm day today. making it into the 90s where we have some changes coming this way. some showers, storms, and some much cooler air. i've got your full forecast coming up when we come back. stick around.
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they rallied in charlottesville today in hopes of getting her job back. it could come within the next couple of days. armando trull reports on the controversy reaching the highest levels as the virginia politics. it's based on the principle of love! >> reporter: that love drew thousands to the quad. >> the distinction between the population that composed our university, the faculty, the students, the staff, the alumni have become insignificant. we have come together for a common cause. >> reporter: they called it a rally for honor.
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some carried signs attributed to the founder, thomas jefferson. it is more honorable to prepare that than assist in it. >> it is not the faculty, but all of us, coming together, saying that these are the principles we believe in. also we want our president back. >> reporter: 20 of the universities most distinguished staffers called on the board to do the honorable thing when it meets on tuesday. >> and this unjust action of the board must not stand. we are united, asking them to return. >> reporter: some of them are calling on the woman to resign. >> i think she has to go because she has violated the honor code in ousting the president behind the closed doors. it has lost the embarrassing views. >> reporter: and they have angered many alumnis. the students, donors, even the governor.
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they were told that the board needed to resolve the issue on tuesday or resign. >> and 200 years ago, they founded this university and argued that knowledge is power. on tuesday, the power struggled with what he turned an academic village that may finally be decided. 9news now. >> we're told that the protesters will nowed hold a vigil in front of the quad on tuesday while they await the board's decision. coming up, a hot week ahead. anny's forecast is next. ♪
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we need to do some research. texting on your bike is illegal? >> not that i know of. you should know, you're the rider. >> and i was texting one time today. >> many that's dangerous. it was hot out there for your bike ride. >> not too bad. it got up to 93, but not too bad because of the humidity still feeling pretty good out here. the lower humidity will stick around before you see the big
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changes coming this way. the heat and the humidity. it is going to really arise over the next several days here. here is a look at the weather camera on this sunday evening. we've got a real nice day out there right now and the temperatures now, they are down into the 80s, but still a warm night out there. here is a look at the radar, where earlier, we had a severe thunderstorm warning for you, south of us into culpepper, virginia, but that will expire long ago. right now basically we have a mixture of the sun and clouds and showers and storms. you can see here north of d.c., just a little storm coming on through up north around hagerstown and also westminster. so for the rest of tonight. we're just looking at a chance of isolated thunderstorms. temperatures in the 80s for leesburg and also for most locations, they will continue to cool down tonight. and the national satellite radar picture showing you that we're watching florida. the tropical storm debby
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leashing lots of torrential rain for florida and to alabama around our area though, you can see that generally they have the high pressure in control, but a little bit of energy coming on think today for a chance of the showers and storms tonight. 60 miles per hour gusting up to 70, moving very slowly right now northeast at around 3 miles per hour. and there are some models in it. saying it could become a hurricane in the next 48 hours. so we are still watching tropical storm debby. now in our heck of the woods unsettled, cooler forked next couple of day -- cooler for the next couple of days. monday, more scattered showers. grab the umbrella as you're heading out the door tomorrow morning. tuesday, get ready for breezy and even cooler conditions. here is your 9 future cast. isolated showers are possible through this evening and overnight. fairly quiet, tomorrow though, showers are picking up, especially late morning and early afternoon with a mixture of the sun and some clouds. and also, a chance for some
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isolated storms. speaking of those storms. i think we could see the storms being severe for you. especially far out to the east of us out towards the coast here and also southeastern virginia. tonight though, mostly cloudy with a few showers and storms. a better chance of the storms south of the town. lows are 64 to 73 degrees. in downtown, cooling down to 73. 67 in leesburg and 66 up in hagerstown. tomorrow morning, partly sunny. showers are possible. temperatures starting out in the 60s and the 70s. your next thee days look like this. tomorrow with the first day of the chance of the showers and storms. the high of 85. lower 80s, breezy. mostly sunny conditions. most places, getting in the upper 70s. and on wednesday, check out your seven-day forecast. 87 with plenty of sunshine. thursday, the nationals are kicking off. so the golfing weather does look hot. 94 degrees. but storm free as of now. we do have the humidity also on the rise, especially by friday.
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look at friday's high, 100 degrees, so the heat and the humidity will be on for all the golfers into the weekend. and also a chance for the showers and storms in the afternoon as the nationals are sticking around for the weekend. so keep that in mind as you're headed outdoors. >> we've got the research department checking, texting while biking to see if it is illegal. >> okay. >> i don't think so either. >> nats, orioles? >> yes, what a series this weekend. you know, usually they are the basement of their division, but now we've got two of the best teams playing. it showed this weekend. the battle of the beltways wrapped up with an exciting pitcher's dual, fitting for two ball clubs with stellar rotations, but whod would be crowned king of the mid- atlantic? nationals or orioles? plus, get ready. tiger is coming to town. a look ahead to this week's at&t nationals coming up next.
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oh for the first time in a
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long time, the battle this season is more than just two neighboring teams playing each other. it is now two of the best teams in the league that will be going head to head. the first in the na east. today, you can see the big match, bigging on, still scoreless on the third. bottom of the 8th. orioles heats up. good thing wieters didn't have the day off. now the reliever will catch the ball in the bullpen as they take the lead, 2-1. looking to close out the series. a little anxious there at the ditch. don't touch his arm. they get a strikeout throwout in the game and takes the
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series, 2-1. another great pitcher's dual. pleased with the performance of his starter here. >> i need to tip my head to them, pitching a great ball game. you know, he went to the maximum pitches. giving us the good five innings, showing them out. and they did a great job out of the bullpen. they just made one bad pitch that it could happen in this ballpark. >> they have four number one picks in the rotation, doing a great job with it. for them to be able to meet us today was a great tribute. it appears that's what might need to be done moving them forward. hoping they don't return to the list. time to brush up on your golf knowledge. the place to be this week. the last time that he was here, he won his own tournament.
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he'll be joined by other teams this season. it will be a tough course as he is looking forward to hitting the links. once you get going on the green, there will be a lot of movement. and placing the ball in the correct spot, it is vital, giving yourself a chance. >> it's a place to turn for the complete coverage of the at&t nationals. providing coverage in all of the newscast starting tomorrow and tune in on wednesday and friday night for the clubhouse report at 11:30. the final round of the championships. the shot of the day. a great looking shot here. but this one will get even better. look at this on the green right here in the cup. a hole in one for them here. but this guy right here, he couldn't be stopped.
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he won by one that he will be at congressional this week taking on tigers. you can see much more sports tonight. the battle of the beltways including the post-game reactions. look ahead to the at&t nationals. they had join me in the studios at d.c. united taking a pitch. plus a lot more jam-packed shows. >> okay, tonight still hot, no rain? >> i think a chance of showers is possible. >> all right, thank you very much. we'll see you back here at 11:00. bye.
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